Mortlach 1938
60 Year Old Gordon & Macphail

70cl / 40%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Gordon & MacPhail
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A incredibly rare 60-year-old Mortlach from independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail. Just 100 bottles of this were released. Distilled in 1938, before World War II broke out, this is a piece of history. Presented in a crystal decanter in a copper, brass and wooden box with tray drawer containing a miniature of the same, this is simply stunning.

Please Note

  • This is an old bottle and the closure may have deteriorated – care should be taken when it is being opened. The item is sold as described and we do not accept liability for the state of the closure.
Gordon & MacPhail
60 Year Old
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Mortlach 1938 Reviews

10 Customer Reviews

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  • Linda Australia 9 September 2013

    Mortlach makes the best whisky in the world. This bottle is my dream. I will have it!

  • J?rgen h?dersdal jelstr?m 13 January 2010

    I love mortlach....realy,but if i ever came to this kind of money...i surely bought myself one or 2 60 y o . It is sacred and i would ...allmost...die to try a wee sip..J?rgen h?dersdal jelstr?m...denmark.

  • Arhtur Warbucks III 20 December 2009

    Its absolutely gorgeous, delightful and oh so delicious. Best consumed with a good cuban by the fire. I enjoy it oh so much. I have made much for myself in the 87 years I have been on this earth, but never, never before have I been treated so well as the day I sipped my first. Delightful.

  • Colin Winton 23 June 2009

    A client of mine presented me with a bottle for my birthday. Excellent, goes great with stone crabs, and worth every penny he paid for it!

  • BS 27 February 2009

    i would love to try this, would anyone happen to know of a pub in Canada that sells it?

  • Jean Taubert-Natta 31 October 2008

    Never ever brutalize a whiskey older than you are... It's waited all to long to taste so good.

  • Anonymous 24 September 2008

    It's sacred... it must be worshipped with a few ice cubes only or a drop of water to enhance the flavour. Anything else is a waste! (not that i would know seeing as i wouldn`t be able afford a bottle of the stuff!!!)

  • Anonymous 22 March 2008

    Where did someone find a 60yr old bottle of whiskey and why wasn't it drunk years ago? Heck, you'd be pretty upset if you waited 60 yrs for something like this then someone dropped the bottle or you opened it and it was tainted LOL.

  • Daniel Mc Gregor 2 January 2008

    A marvellous Whiskey if you are lucky enough to taste it then you have to try it with Digestive orginal it will blow your mind out

  • Anonymous 7 July 2007

    This whiskey is awesome/ Åke Gunnarsson in Sweden