Angostura 1919
Deluxe Aged Blend Gold Rum

70cl / 40%
Angostura 1919 / Deluxe Aged Blend Gold Rum
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Beautifully soft, revealing a generous and long-lasting array of toasty flavours as a result of long ageing in charred barrels.
Trinidad & Tobago

Angostura 1919 Reviews

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  • 5
    30 March

    God damn this is smooth

  • 4
    4 December 2016

    1919 Rum Fantastic. Angostura products are excellent.

  • 5
    30 November 2016

    A Superb rum and it is better than a few of the rums which purport to be something.

  • 5
    15 November 2016

    Absolutely smooth and beautiful - what more could you ask for!

  • 5
    4 August 2016

    buttery, smooth, drink it straight. best rum ive ever tasted

  • 5
    13 July 2016

    This is by far the smoothest rum I have ever had . Wow , just beautiful.

  • 5
    9 June 2015

    excellent, the best of trinidad and tobago

  • 5
    3 January 2015

    One of the best rums Iv had, a fantastic taste that sits with you as it warms you up.

  • 5
    14 December 2014

    A very nice rum. Not as nice as the 1812 version from the same producer and certainly not a patch on Eldorado, but definitely a decent buy when the price is right.

  • 5
    22 November 2014

    Best Rum I have ever had in 50 years.

  • 5
    10 September 2014

    The best rum iv'e tasted to date

  • Hux 22 June 2013

    Smooth on the palate, with banana and vanilla flavours...

  • Anonymous 9 June 2013

    a nice rum smooth taste but pussers still number one

  • Tony Hatt 24 December 2012

    This rum is up there with the top 5 rums, and I have been tasting rums for over 60 years.

  • Andy - 12th July 2011 12 July 2011

    Good rum, especially for the price with a lovely flavour. For a little more money there is better and smoother. But that is just my opnion.

  • gtcouk 16 March 2011

    A good sipping rum if you are looking for something delicate. It can get lost when mixing or in some cocktails, plus there are better rums for those jobs. Pleasant neat or with a little ice. personally I like it warmed to hand temperature, which is when it comes to life. Not the best rum in the world but it very enjoyable none the less.

  • Jack Rum 17 October 2010

    Perhaps the smoothest rum out there indeed, the aroma is similar to another premium name from Trinidad, Zaya, but the taste is not as pronounced, a bit diluted kind of. Nevertheless, still very good sipping rum, no need to mix with anything else to enjoy it fully.

  • Anonymous 12 August 2010

    lovely with coconut water

  • rob 27 May 2010

    great smooth taste to this rum. One of the best i've tasted and i've visited quite a few central american countries

  • mr walkin 18 February 2010

    nice rum. sweet easy to drink 8/10

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