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Chequers / Bot.1970s
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An old release of Chequers blended whisky. Presented in a green ceramic jug, we estimate this dates from the 1970s.

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    20 September 2015

    Purchased a bottle for $3.00 in 1974 at a Thrifty Drug store in Tucson, AZ Nor a scotch drinker myself I gave it to my brother with the admonition that it would be opened for significant events in "his " family history. We passed up breaking it open for the births of my last two children and finally cracked it open with the birth of his daughter about 14 years after I gave it to him. He opened it a month later to share with our father and do not believe it was opened again until his grand daughter was born this year (2015). He resealed and waxed sealed the cork. A rather heavy smoky tasting scotch with a pleasant smoothness in the swallowing. The smokiness lingers on the palate, at least for me. Personally for taste I would never pay more than $20 USD for this Scotch. Most of buying for today would be in nostalgia. BTW the bottle has been passed to is daughter and son in law to be used for significant occasions. I am almost 70 and hope to enjoy this bottle with my brother and niece when the great grand children are born, or at least the next grand child.

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    4 August 2015

    Cracked a bottle of the 86.8 proof tonight. Still had the US internal revenue tax label intact. 4/5 quart instead of ml label with signed bottle numberB043503. Probably one of the best scotches I''ve ever tasted!

  • Anonymous 20 September 2010

    For all valuation enquiries, please email photos of your bottle to my colleague Sukhinder on sss[at] Please be aware that he may not respond immediately as he receives dozens of similar emails every day.Regards

  • michael 17 September 2010

    hi i have a bottle the same as the 1 in picture except 70% proof and contains 26 2/3 fl. ozs i cant find any numbers on the bottle is this old and what is the est value .

  • Anonymous 28 June 2010

    The date of these bottles is probably late 1970s or early 1980s. For all valuation enquiries, please email photos of your bottle to my colleague Sukhinder on sss[at] Please be aware that he may not respond immediately as he receives dozens of similar emails every day.Regards, TWE Admin

  • Ted C. 27 June 2010

    I have a sealed bottle of chequers that is in a green beveled bottle. Number A620705 signed by John McEWAN. What exactly do I have here? Anybody have anybody help me know a relative date or something?

  • Bruce Ogilvie of that Ilk 24 May 2010

    I have enjoyed the last dram from the last bottle of Chequers B-111771 singed by John McEwan, with the old label and four fifiths quart - 86.9 proof - blended and bottled in Scotland. Today is May 23 2010 and I did not think I would live long enough to drink this last glass, from the last case, I bought in Chicago in1986. Where and when will I find another one?

  • Anonymous 29 November 2009

    i am enjoying a bottle #b129419 that a friend found in a garage of another friend i wonder how old it is nice smokey after taste Rick B

  • Charles A 16 November 2009

    I have an epmty bottle that I have saved from my brother. I know little about it. 4/5th quart, 86.8 proof, green beveled glass, bottle # B330081, signed John McEwan

  • Jimmy bishop 1 November 2009

    where can I buy a bottle here in Scotland

  • kevin australia 12 October 2009

    I have a bottle 43%bottle num.B124951 had it for nearly 30years

  • Joe Laudadio, Ft. Wayne, IN 5 August 2009

    I have a green bottle #6521 which I had preserved for over 25 years. Shared and emptied it with my three sons this year. Bought it at Zimmerman's (no longer in business)in Chicago. Used to buy it by the case. a superb Scotch Blend. None like it since,

  • j9 19 February 2009

    hi, i have the same as george. bottle no. B434894, 86.8 proof. j9

  • Anonymous 22 January 2009

    Hi George ,I Wrote the previous review , stating i had 2 bottles.These bottles are 40% vol, Please check as you stated your bottle was 43%.Posted By :Bob

  • george bj 31 December 2008

    i have a bottle but it has a different shape. it is a green glass bottle over 12 years old. The number of the bottle is D098805. with a signature. 43%Vol.If anyone knows about it plz let me know.

  • Anonymous 9 December 2008

    I have 2 bottles 75cl 40% beautiful stuffonly increase in value, as hard to find Happy hunting

  • Anonymous 5 December 2007

    Have been looking for this product for a friend for a looooong time. Great!