Pyrat Rum Cask 1623

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Pyrat Rum Cask 1623
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Awesome blend of nine Caribbean pot-still rums, some of which are aged up to 40 years. Cask 1623 is a very special rum with a pronounced rich, sweet orange flavour.
Caribbean Blend

Pyrat Rum Cask 1623 Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Judges' Comments from The International Cane Spirits Festival 2007

    Opens with multiple dried and fresh fruit aromas – peaches, grapes, prunes, green figs and sherried walnuts; rich and dense body with ginger-peachy and maple sugar flavors; well-managed tannins and acids, with a powerful, long and strong finish.

    Award: Gold Medal (Aged Rums 15+ Years Old)

8 Customer Reviews

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  • Anonymous 26 January 2012

    It is a superb spirit. Jeff one spirit does change in the bottle. Chartreuse.

  • Anonymous 4 January 2012

    Simply sublime. If the price is too high, just get the XO at £36 what a snip, but if you can afford this, in it's beautiful cedar wood box for special, go for it!

  • WsQ 19 June 2011

    Of course you´re right Angus, I´m glad to know that someone understands chemistry basics and doesn´t just repeat clever phrases like a parrot..

  • Angus 27 August 2010

    Just so you know Jeff, spirits do actually change in the bottle over time. Its a chemical certainty, a mixture of slow oxidative reactions, internal chemical reactions and even micro crystalline reactions with the glass itself in some cases. If you've ever opened a bottle of spirits bottled many years ago you'd taste something called OBE (old bottle effect). Sometimes this improves the spirit, somtimes not. So there is good sense in keeping bottles.

  • Jeff S 8 August 2010

    Hate to break it to the above poster, but spirits don't get better (or worse) once bottled. Doesn't matter how long you keep it for, it will taste more or less the same as when it was bottled, sorry!

  • Anonymous 28 July 2010

    Wife brought home a bottle she found in a empty house. I was going to make a rum and coke with it and decided to look it up, good thing I did. It now sits in peace getting better with age waiting for a good time.

  • Anonymous 14 January 2010

    OMG is the best

  • H 23 May 2008