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Sailor Jerry Rum / Old Presentation
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Sailor Jerry is a very popular spiced rum, created by blending vanilla, lime & spices with Caribbean rum. This is the old recipe, which many people seem to prefer.
Caribbean Blend

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    7 July 2015

    The original Sailor Jerry is on Ebay now and expensive, but this guy is the last person left who has it!!

  • spenghead 24 February 2014

    current UK recipe is the same as it always has been worldwide - the "old" recipe was a UK only draft and essentially just contains more sugar and a lime cordial additive. SJ dropped it for a good reason, it was horrible... saying that I wish i'd purchased some of these when i heard of the change because they're going to be worth a fortune 10 years from now (probably)

  • Anonymous 12 June 2013

    The UK has gone off New Sailor Jerry Rum as it's crap. The old one is the best. But they won't bring it back. They should do but it's been so long now I fear we'll never see the original again. Tried The Kraken amongst others in desperation. It's good but not as good as SJ Original. Drinking Morrisons own Dark Rum & adding my own flavours in protest.

  • Cara -Nottingham 12 December 2012

    I used to love the vanilla and lime SJ's but as has been said many times on this page, the new one isnt a patch on the old! So very sad!

  • PABS - S.Wales 20 June 2012

    This was the best rum on the market, absolutely delicious and completely different from anything else. I introduced a lot of none rum drinkers to it and they loved it! Seemed it would become a best seller but reasons unknown it was replaced with the plain spiced rum, which as many have said, is like so many others! Morgan's spiced is far better than the new one, most brand rums are! Why they can't sell both versions I don't know!? BRING BACK THE OLD JERRY WE ALL LOVE!

  • Anonymous 5 January 2012

    The recipe in America and throughout the world remains the same, It's only in the UK that is has changed. Made by Grants I think...

  • mike wales 16 October 2011

    sailor jerrys was the best rum i have ever tasted ,i know loads of people who fell in love with its unique taste but now will not touch it please bring back the old sailors

  • Anonymous 14 March 2011

    OMG please bring back the old recipe!

  • Anonymous 21 January 2011

    bring back old sailors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!

  • sam-oakworth 14 January 2011

    The new recipe is ****, it even makes coke taste flat and stale. for ***** sake, please bring the old one back. it was the best drink i had only had a few months having.... please please please dont make me drink jd anymore, im so bored. ta

  • vikki g 1 November 2010

    the new one just isnt the same... maybe if enough people dont like it they will change it back!

  • Anonymous 25 August 2010

    Really sad the old taste has gone, I can no longer enjoy a Sailor Jerry's :-(

  • Trev 4 August 2010

    So the bartenders wanted a SJ rum for cocktails - OK but what about your regular, loyal customers who bought the original rum for its unique taste. The 'new' formula is nothing special and as for condescending comments suggesting we add our own sugar, lime and vanilla to taste. Back to Morgans Spiced and the new Lambs Spiced in preference to the new formula. SJ has lost a large family of rum drinkers. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL UK RECIPE!!

  • Anonymous 18 May 2010

    BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SAILOR JERRY!!!! Please join the facebook page and sent the people at S.J an email so they know how much we all miss the original...we need as many people as poss so they bring it back!!!

  • hayley 5 May 2010

    i am absolutly disgusted with the change in sailor jerry rum i can not believe that even with all the pettitions and complaints that have been made they still think it is a good idea. im open to change but there a certain things in life that should b respected! i personally refuse to buy a bottle of the new stuff but i have been informed that its dreadful. i think every1 should boycott the new sailor jerry recipe and see where that leaves them then.

  • Terrie 24 April 2010

    New recipe is awful, tastes like a cheap dark rum and is not a patch on the the original! I am now down to my last bottle my beloved sailor jerry original and am gutted that despite searching high and low I cannot find anymore anywhere!!! I hope you get some more in stock but hope even more the original receipe returns ASAP!!! :((

  • clair 19 April 2010

    me n my dad love the old recipe got 2 bottles of the new recipe for his brithday did not no it had changed we have try it and will never try it again . we wont the old recipe back now clair n martin west yorkshire

  • danni 14 April 2010

    im so devestated to realise that they changed my favourite drink it does not even taste anything like sailor jerry original, it just takes horrible like morgans!!! i hated all rum till i tasted sj and now you have took it away its terrible why would you do such a thing noone likes the new one!!!! im really really upset i have to go back to vodka boring!!!! please please bring it back to the original why fix something thats not broke!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asher 10 April 2010

    Avoid this drink the recipe has changed for the worse and its more like a cheap version of captain morgans. Old recipe was a unique treat this is awful.

  • Matty - Stoke on Trent 8 April 2010

    Disappointed to the point of feeling gutted, the old recipe was a unique drink, this new stuff just tastes like any generic brand rum

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