Dewar's 12 Year Old - Special Reserve

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Dewar's 12 Year Old - Special Reserve
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12 Year Old

Dewar's 12 Year Old - Special Reserve Reviews

8 Customer Reviews

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  • majurathan 18 July 2010

    smooth and tasty

  • Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews 14 April 2010

    Very sweet entry onto the palate followed by some feeble attempt to dry or evaporate, but this is mostly a failed attempt. Instead of drying there is a warm graininess. As for flavors, you will be greeted by sugary, cloyingly so, honey, followed by some malty notes and dark chocolate. Very grainy and sweet. Not recommended.

  • Steve 19 March 2010

    Good stuff. Has a rich, rounded flavor and not overkill on the smoke. A fine 'everyday whisky'.

  • greg-kent 18 February 2010

    I'm hestitating a bit to buy it 'cause Jum Murray is not that enthusiastic aobout it.Why is so?

  • Richard Murfin 26 January 2010

    Smokey and peaty, with some fruit in it, its a well rounded whiskey with shades of johnnie walker black about it but not as heavy on the smoke.

  • aussie shaun 13 January 2010

    Damb fine stuff,a simple speyside taste,sweet with a twang.

  • Anonymous 30 December 2009

    got to be the best whisky iv ever had

  • Anonymous 16 November 2008

    got to try this in india, some how, some body had a bottle of this fine bottle of whiskey and decided it was time it was tasted, by god it does taste good.