Tobermory 10 Year Old
Old Presentation

70cl / 40%
  • Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Tobermory 10 Year Old / Old Presentation
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The old presentation of the unpeated malt from the producers of Ledaig, Tobermory hails from the Isle of Mull and is a more gentle medium-bodied, accessible malt than its peated sister. A good aperitif malt.
Distillery Bottling
10 Year Old

Tobermory 10 Year Old Reviews

19 Customer Reviews

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  • Paul 14 May 2012

    One of my all time favourites but the 15yr old sherry cask is worth the extra money

  • single malt fanatic in California 5 September 2011

    I call these kind of malts breakfast malts because it is light and refreshing and can be enjoyed any time of the day. I even detect a little raw pancake batter on the nose. Sure like many, I prefer the sherried Highland/Speysides and peaty Islays most of the time, but a young light, fruity, floral, oak cask malt is a nice change every now and again. Surprisingly mellow texture for such a young malt. Nice stuff for a low price.

  • Shaun 4 April 2011

    Had never heard of it and didn't expect anything special at that price. I've just opened it and I find it to be a rather pleasant whisky. I have certainly tasted worse and spent double/triple that amount for the privilege.

  • Christina 2 April 2011

    Really, really nice and easy to drink. Not like any whisky.

  • Sam 1 March 2011

    Now that the Tobemory 10YO 40% is out of production and has been replaced with the 46.3% unchilled filter alternative im looking for a similar malt to replace it. Anyone got any ideas of what would be a very similar alternative?

  • Haseeb. 5 January 2011

    Theres nothing wrong with it. Its simple, pleasant and easy to drink.It's somewhat faintly honeyed and floral with undertones.. of what I can only describe as "brussel sprouts" which also show up faintly in the nose as well ... though not in a bad way. There is something nice about this...I'd give it a 6.5/10.I might even prefer this to Glenmorangie 10.. and certainly over most blended stuff.

  • Simon, Cheltenham 20 October 2010

    I love this Tobermory ..I was shocked at the whole nose and taste but in a good way. Really really like it.. No sherry and no peat and a really good dram!

  • Nomsk 31 August 2010

    Could never see what pleasure there was in drinking whisky (I much prefer brandy, but only the good stuff), but am now addicted to this delightful tipple.

  • James, Oxford 21 June 2010

    I was initially put off by the nose (cabbage?) of the whisky

  • David 28 December 2009

    Read the bad reviews, but really this whisky is very smooth with some neat returns and overtones. Okay I agree it is not the ulter masterpiece of whisky, but it is great for a first time go and cheap-at least here in the good old USA.

  • Anonymous 25 October 2009

    I sampled Tobermory 10-year after an Oban 14-year, and was very disappointed. Seemed to my palate to be signally lacking in smoothness, and decidedly boring, possessing little in the way of finish.

  • James Saxon 17 October 2009

    I agree entirely with D Scott. It neither had me gasping in wonder nor sprinting, green-faced, for the toilet. I rather like the chocolatey overtones, leathery maltiness and quiet allusion to the sea.

  • dD 30 August 2009

    Nowhere near as good as a Jameson a Tullamore or even black bush but ton’s better than that disinfectant smelling glass of peat that tries to pass as whiskey.

  • Anonymous 16 August 2009

    its actually quite nice if you don't like heavily peated whisky. easy to drink

  • D. Scott. 24 June 2009

    Doesnt get the best write up but easy to drink. Not one of the best but not one of the worst. Worth a shot in any case.

  • Anonymous 17 April 2009

    First time whisky drinkers would be put off for life. I actually think this is quite unpleasant.

  • Kim 10 April 2009

    I've not tasted anything quite like this before. Can't put my finger on what it is. Oily, resinous, liquorice, garages.

  • Anonymous 16 January 2009

    Heads should roll for bottling this vile liquid. Stay away...

  • Rodger Anderson 6 July 2008

    I am enjoying a glass of this very light and pleasant whisky as I type. Could almost be classed as a breakfast whisky. Would recommend to first time malt drinkers