Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength Sample
Batch 003

3cl / 55.3%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • The Perfect Measure
Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength Sample / Batch 003
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A Perfect Measure sample bottle of the 3rd batch of Laphroaig's riotously popular small batch editions of their famed 10yo cask strength Islay single malt. No doubt this will be as big a hit as the previous editions - this is an expression that never disappoints.

The Perfect Measure
10 Year Old

This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

Product name

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength Batch 003 Bot.2011


Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength Reviews

15 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    5 February 2018

    The best. Cheers.

  • 5
    12 December 2017


  • 5
    12 November 2017


  • 5
    21 September 2017

    Wow!!! Gotta be my fav.

  • 5
    25 August 2017

    Wow fantastic i love it neat its an amazing drop.

  • 5
    28 May 2017

    Absolutely terrific. I'm on batch 8 (at 59.9% ABV) and it has been a progression of perfection to perfection. I hope Laphroaig continue putting out the cask strength version of their gem. Pleated single malt whisky is optimal at 10 yrs of age, I find, and this is the essence of Laphroaig, even more so than Lore (which is excellent in its own right, as it is complex).

  • 5
    14 September 2016

    Wow. This is a whisky that pulls no punches. Can be a bit overwhelming so water is probably necessary for that reason. Loads of smoke, salt, and medicinal notes. I have attended bonfires on the beach in Hawaii on several occasions and can attest to the similarities. We start the fire when the tide is low, then later in the night when the tide comes up, the fire and the sea meet, the resulting smoke from the dying fire smells like this tastes.

  • 4
    12 December 2015

    Bloody marvelous

  • 5
    21 August 2014

    The label recommends you add twice as much water as you have whisky! Sounds a bit extreme to me. But once it's had a chance to breathe, and you've added 50% water it's truly fabulous.

  • M. Helminen 16 November 2013

    I was happy that this was available again. It needs some water to properly open up but there you'll have it then: a 10yo dram with a lasting, satisfying and above all rich aftertaste. Price/qualitywise best Laphroaig (used to think it was the 18 before I met CS).

  • Islay 8 November 2012

    Best cask strength frm Laphroaig! Monster dram......

  • Nathaniel 25 October 2012

    The best Laphroaig expression.

  • Anonymous 25 February 2012

    I like it!

  • msc 2 January 2012

    simply superb - smoky, sweet, lush.

  • James D. 18 July 2011

    Complex, smoky and more intoxicating nose than the 10, you can smell its a cask. Pleasant medium sweet taste, stronger and sharper than the 10. The finish is also longer with some pepper coming through at the end and of course lots of rich smoke. For me this is superior to the Quarter Cask and different enough to the 10 to be worthy of its cask credentials!