Glendronach 33 Year Old Sample
Sherry Cask

3cl / 40%
  • Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • The Perfect Measure
Glendronach 33 Year Old Sample / Sherry Cask
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A Perfect Measure sample of Gledronach single malt, distilled in 1971 and matured in a small batch of exquisite Oloroso sherry casks, this 33 year-old dram was released in 2004.

The Perfect Measure
33 Year Old
Cask Type
Oloroso Sherry

This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

Product name

Glendronach 33 Year Old Sherry Cask


Glendronach 33 Year Old Reviews

12 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    23 May 2017

    Stewed fruit and spice. There is nothing better in my opinion.

  • Anonymous 27 November 2013

    Not to be missed. The bottle is now empty. It should be drunk and not kept as it was made to enjoy, and enjoy it I did. Lovely, smooth and full of flavours.

  • David B. Rennie 2 January 2013

    I had a wonderful taste just two days ago, this is one of the best and oldest malts I have ever had, it was amazing...

  • saha 15 July 2012

    Gleonronach 1971 is much better than this, i find this not that attractive like the 1971,

  • Anonymous 2 July 2012

    This is a sperb dram!! The angels were smiling the day they made this.

  • Jay 2 July 2012

    Pure Ecstasy. Heavy with ancient wood, serious and complex yet an ever-changing sherry dessert, unforgettable, compelling. May I add, nom nom!

  • Len Drake 31 January 2011

    It just doesn't get any better. My absolute favourite.

  • Jeff O 24 December 2010

    Enjoyed this with the business partners to celebrate a great year. I'm relatively new to scotch ... but wow. WOW!

  • Chris Strellis 22 December 2009

    A very good friend bought this for my 40th Birthday (40 year old whisky being very difficult to source at realistic prices!).This is an outstanding Whisky, sweet from the sherry casks with complex antique 'old' flavours and plenty of depth and character with a long finish.Just stunning.

  • A Convert 10 October 2009

    I don't like whisky, can't stand the stuff !! -but if I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life this would have to be it.

  • Justin 14 July 2009

    pure perfection! We drank it for my Son's stole the show!

  • Anonymous 25 October 2008

    Best dram i've ever tasted!