Stag's Breath Liqueur

70cl / 19.8%
Stag's Breath Liqueur
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Made with the finest Speyside whiskies blended with fermented comb honey and packaged in a square-edged bottle with a label inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

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  • 5
    23 August

    Several years ago my great aunt brought us a small bottle as a present. We couldn't find it anywhere in Australia so when we went back for a holiday in 2014, my brother took us to a specialist shop where I bought sight unseen, their last 2 bottles. Didn't realize they were big bottles so we then lugged 2 x 1kg bottles all over Europe and back home as it was the start of our holiday. Worth it though

  • 1
    18 June

    This is a very thin liqueur. Unpleasant on the nose - (drains/roadkill in hot sunshine) reminiscent of neighbour's homemade wine, slight ginger tang and nowhere near enough honey to save the day. Possibly suitable as a cooking ingredient.

  • 5
    6 June

    Ordered a week ago and it JUST walked in my door. I'm so giddy I can't wait to crack the first bottle. Tried Stag's Breath for the first time a couple years back and I've dreamed about it ever since. I bought it as a birthday present so I have to wait to open it. But I just might not....

  • 5
    8 February

    I first tried this whisky at Dunvegan Castle in 1991. So glad I have been able to order it and enjoy with family and friends in Oz. Nice to share at a winter's night bonfire.

  • 5
    17 January

    Is the best tasting out there. Wish we could get it in the states.

  • 5
    29 November 2015

    Not a whisky fan, or a fan of 'sweet' liquors or sweet tasting alcohol... but this is just beautiful over ice. I buy it every year for my hubby.

  • 5
    11 November 2015

    I really like it wish it was free lol

  • 5
    11 October 2015

    Absolutely lovely, just be careful, it''s soo lovely I ended up drinking a bottle a night easy when on holiday in scotland

  • 5
    11 September 2015

    Tried in Scotland. Fantastic. Will order more soon!

  • 5
    4 September 2015

    ive been drinking it for years, best liqueur out there. also very nice with a 50-50 malt whisky mix.

  • 5
    4 August 2015

    I tried this at The Tasteof Scotland at the Royal Highland show Ingliston near Edinburgh and thought it was amazing . One of the nicest whisky drinks I have ever tasted and I am surprised it is not everywhere you find it

  • 5
    21 July 2015

    Had this years ago. Worked wonders for a sore throat. Would love to get this easily in Australia

  • 3
    18 June 2015

    Thought I''d try this as the description suggested a sweet honey flavoured Whisky liqueur, however it didn''t match my expectations. The flavour of the honey I didn''t actually taste at all, and as for calling it a liqueur, it doesn''t come anywhere near the quality of Bruadar''s Whisky liqueur, which I admit is more expensive, but believe me it''s worth the price.

  • 4
    5 December 2014

    Smooth taste and excellent chilled. Hooked from day 1 when I visited Edinburgh. Goes great in the evening with a good cigar, enhances the taste all around.

  • 5
    24 November 2014

    We are not whisky drinkers usually (sorry!) but tried this in Edinburgh at the weekend and both seriously hooked! It has a lovely mellowness about it with the honey flavour just coming through - beautiful : 0 )

  • 4
    30 June 2014

    Seriously amazing stuff. Bought it in St. Andrews Scotland, just for the name alone. Loved it, & bought a big bottle to bring home to Canada!

  • 5
    22 June 2014

    Tasted at Edinburgh Caste and loved it. Makes for great sipping when relaxing with a fine cigar.

  • Anonymous 9 January 2014

    bought some for my BF for christmas, he loves it [I'm not a whisky person] apparently it takes the edge off the strength of whisky

  • Craig P 15 December 2013

    We tried this at Edinburgh Castle in the gift shop. It was fantastic. Very smooth. My regret is we only bought one bottle. May 2013 wish this was sold in the USA.

  • Anonymous 24 December 2012

    Hello my experience of the nectar was when i visited scotland for the new year , i loved it so much and have brought as presents for freinds its a great treat

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