Brugal Extra Viejo Rum

70cl / 38%
Brugal Extra Viejo Rum
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A Dominican rum recently enjoying a big upsurge in popularity in the UK after being taken on by a major drinks distributor. Brugal is a great mixing rum, with a distinctly different taste and is now an established player in the UK bar scene.
8 Year Old
Dominican Republic

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum Reviews

18 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    12 May

    This rum is super smooth and elegant, goes easy down the throat, I love the taste and I take it on the rocks because that is how I drink all my rums, whiskeys and gin. For me Brugal Extra Viejo is the best rum I have taste it so far and I also drink Zapaca, Cacique, Bacardi, but Brugal is has such a balance flavor that makes it feels elegant, and the aroma is the best when you stirring your glass.

  • 5
    15 June 2016

    I use to drink Bacardi not anymore I love it

  • Anonymous 31 March 2012

    Nice overlay of wood and spice.a little mediciny neat but a nice little tangy as a mixer

  • Anonymous 27 January 2011

    Love it!

  • Anonymous 15 November 2010

    just got a bottle of this at the airport instead of a spare Zacapa (for the same price!!), foolish. quite smooth but that's not enough!

  • Phil in Durham 13 August 2010

    Always hated rum ... Tried this premium 8 year old (yes definitely 8 year old as stated at the factory) when on holiday in dominican and I love it, smooth as a drink can be nd perfct mixed with coke....

  • Rob.Surrey 10 July 2010

    Brugal is one of the best i've ever drunk, shame we can't get Brugal 151 in UK!! thats potent stuff!

  • Kevin 1 February 2010

    Don't agree with most posts. I love rum and have enjoyed many. I was surpass by the Brugal Carta Dorado that a Dominican friend gave me. Love he brought the Spanish label.

  • Bastardo 4 November 2009

    This Rum is Fantasic. It offers hugely complex spiced aromas and flavours, and works exceptionally well with Ginger Beer and a slice of lime.

  • Anonymous 3 April 2009

    Brugal is excellent - is the competion getting worried?

  • yellowjacket 11 January 2009

    the best rum on the planet where can i get some in canada

  • Carina 6 January 2009

    Have just returned from the Dominican Republic and brought this rum from the Brugal factory back with us. I'm not usually a rum drinker but absolutely loved this one.

  • Cody 30 December 2008

    hey its me again i tried that bottle of extra viejo and loved it also to my surprize i have found another bottle of brugal in my cabinet only it is Carta Dorada RON Dominicano i hope it is as good as the last ill stay in touch to let u know.

  • Cody 20 December 2008

    I have a bottle of this rum sitting infront of me right now unopened that my mother gave me. i have had it for about a year now and am going to try it this weekend hope i like it n will write what i think after i recover.

  • harry craddock 14 December 2008

    its not your typical rum...strange dry anise taste with a very short lived bland finish.

  • Anonymous 6 December 2008

    Not impressed so many better rums out there!

  • Anonymous 25 November 2008

    the guy at the brugal factory said it was 4 years old?

  • Anonymous 27 October 2008

    i have just come back from the dominican and have absolutly loved this rum with all my drinks. One for all occcasions