Zaya 12 Year Old Rum

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Zaya 12 Year Old Rum
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Another top-quality trinidad rum - superb. Double distilled in small copper potstills before 12 years of maturation in oak barriques - a rum of exceptional depth and profundity. Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2008 International Rum Festival.
12 Year Old

Zaya 12 Year Old Rum Reviews

13 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    20 December 2015

    if you like Ron Zacapa, I think you will love Zaya, been drinking this in the US for years, incredibly smooth almost creamy rum best drunk neat or with ice. be warned though the bottle will disappear with incredible speed so best buy two. so good we named our dog after it:)

  • Hayden 25 January 2013

    To the gentleman below me who suggested this rum should be enjoyed in a mojito, that is a bit like lighting your cigars with a $100 bill. This is a top notch sipping rum and should be enjoyed straight in my opinion.

  • this guy 29 April 2012

    Great rum on its own or on the rocks. Thick dark and smooth. IF you wana mixer, mix with non-sweet ingredients as the combo otherwise can maybe lead to diabetes (extra sweet, oy...). Now, if u mix with sours or blands, you're in good order. The bottle shud come with a mojito recipe, which I'd very much recommend at least once.

  • j 17 February 2012

    If you like sweet and smooth and don't mind paying a premium for it then this is for you but as for me it's too much. It's like a syrup! You're probably paying a tenner alone just for the glass of the bottle which looks almost a cm thick! (reason for this?)

  • Rob 20 December 2011

    This rum is so smooth it's dangerous. The nose is awesome! With hints of bananas, toffee, cocoa and tobacco. The taste is out of this world. Shows why a great rum is as good for sipping as any bourbon or whiskey made.

  • Weg 17 September 2011

    an intriguing rum - but probably not worth the hype. Very very sweet and very strong flavour of vanilla. Its almost like drinking vanilla essence straight from the bottle like when you were a kid. Nice to have but make sure you round out your rum collection before buying.

  • Hayden 29 June 2011

    I can only echo the sentiments of a super smooth, gorgeous sweet sipping rum which is of a similar taste and refinement to Zacapa 23, and given that it's a bit harder to find in bars than Zacapa I'd jump on the opportunity to savour this rum anytime.

  • John 22 April 2011

    Amazing rum. The complexity is what gets it for me. Sip it, then run it back down your tongue and every part of your tongue gets a different sensation. So many flavours. Sipping it again tonight :-)

  • Pav 17 December 2010

    I've found that the Zaya can be a little unpredictable in it's bottling. When it's right it is absolutely superb, otherwise it's just outstanding. Either way is a winner for me.I'd love to try the Guatamalan version if I could find it anywhere.It's a great sipper, and when warmed reveals caramel undertones. The finish is quite long lasting. Very similar to the Zacapa 23 but I prefer this. For me it's one of the best.

  • Anonymous 13 October 2009

    Unbelievably sweet and smooth. If, like Alistair, you enjoy your rum with a fiery kick, then keep shopping for Gosling's Black Seal. But if you're new to sipping Rum, or if you like 'em super-smooth, then this is your pour. My bottles were even gentler than Zacapa 23. Fantastic stuff!!

  • Alistair Smith 8 June 2008

    I asked around before buying this rum and given its hype I was somewhat disappointed. Thats not to say its not a lovely rum it just lacked a bit of a kick that I like in my rums, however if you like them smooth this one is for you.

  • Anonymous 9 May 2008

    One of the best rums ever...

  • Anonymous 15 October 2007

    golden nectar