Johnnie Walker Blue Label Signature

100cl / 43%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Signature
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A rare special edition of JW Blue Label, the world's most prestigious blended whisky. Normally only available in Duty Free.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Signature Reviews

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  • Trav 15 September 2011

    I am a single malt lover but this is still a good whisky. What bugs me is the obsessions with 'smoothness'. You drink scotch becasue you what some robust, distinctive flavours - if you want smooth then by some vodka and mix it with lemonade...

  • A 4 June 2011

    Blue Label is an awesome Scotch, and smooth is excacly what it is. Normally I prefer smoked Islay Malts, but when you want a smooth scotch, there are none smoother than Blue Label.

  • Anonymous 23 December 2009

    And I would have to agree that this is very much like a fine quality spring bottled water.. I think the single malts with ages between 15 and 18 are a far better buy

  • Rob 27 August 2009

    Seriously after a good tour of the highlands this tastes not unlike medicine. Very disappointing.

  • sune singh 20 August 2009

    best blend on the market to date.for those who no. smoth stick to your bells and famouse grouse leave it to the experts thank you.

  • Thabiso 3 December 2008

    with Blue Lable i'm speech less

  • Smooth 10 June 2008

    the primary true test of any scotch, whisky or any liquor for that matter is how smooth it is and Johnnie Walker Blue is NOT smooth at all. It harsh and it burns the back of your throat on the way down. JW Black is also harsh so I think JW is all hype. - If you want a smooth scotch at 1/4 the price then drink Dewar's 12. - If you want smooth whisky drink Royal Crown. - JW is for suckers.

  • Seong 14 April 2008

    Smooth whiskey, I can get them for AUS$190 for the 1 Litre bottle. That's why I keep on enjoying the smooth exceptional taste of JW Blue Label. The flavour lingers inside ur mouth some some time!

  • Scotch Fan 15 November 2007

    Over-rated blended whiskey. Does not justify its astronomic price. Go for an 18 Year Old single malt with character instead.