Bruichladdich 1988

70cl / 46%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Berry Brothers & Rudd
Bruichladdich 1988
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A feisty, fruity Bruichladdich from our friends in St. James's St. Luscious exotic fruit, delicately smoked cereals and a whiff of seaspray: delightful.
Berry Brothers & Rudd
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Bruichladdich 1988 Reviews

4 Customer Reviews

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  • Anonymous 24 July 2008

    You can picture the scene now: Owner: "How's the 6year-old stock coming along?" Distillery Manager: "To be honest, it doesn't taste of much, we've filled those old casks once too often." Owner: "Fear not! We can re-rack it into these Bulgarian Merlot casks I've bought from the famous Chateau de Vino Tinto Collapso..." Marketing Manager: "...and then we can sell it in a lovely pink wooden box! Appeal to the ladies!"

  • JT 22 July 2008

    And the finishes! What the f*** is that all about - Madeira this, Yquem that, Austrian Spatburgunder the other. They even invent a new name for it: 'ACE-ing' or Additional Cask Enhancement. Get a grip.

  • Jimbo 25 June 2008

    HaHa! Great comment Lagavulin 1967, couldn't agree more. Why on earth Bruichladdich persist with their ludicrous policy of releasing a whisky every time it rains or the dog has a birthday is beyond me.

  • Lagavulin1967 25 June 2008

    How refreshing to finally get an unmolested laddie that's been in bourbon for 18 years. I bet the wine buffs on Islay are at a total loss with this bizarre idea. Gobsmackingly clean flavours and no pretentiousness, probably the best attempt since 15yo 1st edition