Hapsburg Black Amere

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Hapsburg Black Amere
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A very strong black absinthe from the popular Hapsburg stable. Black Amere contains the maximum amount of thujone permitted in alcoholic beverages by EU law - 35mg/kg. This is recommended to be drunk mixed with fruit juice, but still works with water in the traditional way.

Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice.

Hapsburg Black Amere Reviews

9 Customer Reviews

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  • Djp. 24 February 2014

    Very smooth, very strong, keep it in the freezer. Sip very slowly. Fab

  • steve71 12 July 2011

    I have had more than 20 types of absinthe and this is the best so far.

  • Dave 26 April 2011

    i get the feeling mt anon 4th dec works for hapsburg...

  • Anonymous 25 January 2010

    My old man brought me a bottle of this for Xmas and it didn't last long. This is the best absinthe iv tried so far. After a bad day a shot neat will blow your head off. To enjoy it just add suger water. Thanks Hapsburg

  • Anonymous 4 December 2009

    I must say, this drink, despite the reviews I have read on other forums etc. It is fantastic. diluted and sugared it is so smooth and easy to drink. I have been drinking absinthe for a number of years now, and this one has produced the best effect for me. Just because it doesn't have a 'natural' colour or 'louches' properly, it doesn't stop it being a fantastic beverage.Truly a phenomenal accomplishment. Well done Hapsburg.

  • Anonymous 2 September 2009

    Concerned about the colour.

  • Anonymous 30 December 2008

    The comments on this item made me laugh

  • Anonymous 6 November 2008

    the description of this item made me laugh

  • Jimbo 15 July 2008

    If I want my barf to be black I'll just drink a bottle of ink, thanks.