Beneagles Osprey Decanter

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Beneagles Osprey Decanter
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A decanter released by Beneagles, featuring a rather philosophic-looking osprey treading on a fish while having a nice sit down.
Please note that this decanter is 37.5cl!

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  • brendan bonar 18 June 2009

    the osprey first catches the fish then flies off to a place to eat the fish ahh now it has a look to see if its safe to have its meal,remember these ospreys have lightning movements of the head .

  • Bob the bore 4 June 2009

    Thank you for the critical comment on the artistic merit , I am a keen contributor to another website and was rather disappointed that people were over looking the subtle nuance of this bird of preys' stare and instead commenting on the smokey/fruity/woody/citrus notes of the whisky.

  • Anonymous 2 June 2009

    I don't think it's the shape and detailing on the osprey that's in question (apart from its philosophical mien) - it's more the fact that the bird has been depicted as treading on a fish while straddling a rock, instead of just flying off and eating it.

  • R Bosinquette 1 June 2009

    I have this decanter and actually the work is rather well observed. I live in the Highlands and although I have never seen an osprey and pike? like this in reality, the shape of and detailing on the bird is just like the real thing.

  • DH 5 September 2008

    I particularly like the use of "treading on a fish" as if the Osprey was not looking where it was going and just happened to step on the poor fish. Perhaps that is why he is sat so philosophically pondering his good fortune!

  • JJ 5 September 2008

    Agreed. I'm no ornithologist, but I'm pretty sure that an osprey would never just sit with its bum on a rock in that ungainly manner. Especially after having just caught a tasty fish. *Standing* on a rock (fishless) ? yes. Flying away with the fish in its claws ? yes. *Sitting* on a rock with one claw on a fish ? not bloody likely.

  • Jimbo 6 August 2008

    It's the fish I feel sorry for, although I'm not too sure how realistic that portrayal is. I reckon an osprey that's just caught a nice fish would just eat it rather than waste time standing on it.

  • Anonymous 23 July 2008

    Ha Ha! I see what you mean by philosophical! That's the most stoic osprey I've ever clapped eyes on...