Admiral Rodney
Extra Old Rum

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Admiral Rodney / Extra Old Rum
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A multi-award-winning rum from St Lucia, Admiral Rodney is distilled from molasses in column stills, is aged an average of 12 years before bottling and has always been extremely popular with our customers. The name commemorates a famous 18th-century admiral who conquered the French in 1782.
St. Lucia

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  • 5
    23 January

    I brought this rum home from Saint Lucia a few years ago. I decided it was time to take it out of the box and crack the seal. It's even better than I remember it. As far as complexity and richness of flavor, it stands even with some of the best whiskey I've had. I highly recommend.

  • 5
    3 January

    I don't wish to praise this rum to highly for fear of a personal detriment.recommended

  • 5
    1 January

    Great rum, well balanced flavor and very smooth

  • 5
    29 December 2017

    Reviews read,bottle purchased, Christmas evening upon us,just the right time to indulge in a measure or two with family and friends. We can say without doubt if you are to witness certain things in life this is surely one of them,there wasn't one comment that would have undermined this wonderful liquid, if you don't experience this individual pleasure in life you have but your selves to blame.

  • 5
    20 December 2017

    Best rum! Smooth and only ice needed!

  • 5
    15 July 2017

    I love good rum, and I love e this rum more than any other.

  • 5
    20 May 2016

    I first tasted this on Honeymoon in St Lucia. I have been a lover of rum for many year and can say that this is the best rum I have ever tasted. My Son has a tapas bar that specialises in rum (72 behind the bar) but he admits there is nothing to compare. Now available in the UK so I don't have to keep going over to St Lucia.

  • 5
    20 March 2016


  • Anonymous 23 April 2013

    I bought this on recommendation from our tour guide after a tour of an old rum distillery in St Lucia! A lovely drink and I've never looked at another bottle since! Glad i bought it home and have bought more since i been home!!!

  • scott 29 March 2013

    very nice rum - was given a bottle as a gift for someone who knew nothing about rum and picked at random! bloody good pick! As soon as you pour it in the glass it gives off lovely aromas, it has a balanced if sweet taste, with vanilla and caramel notes and a tiny trace of honey. would definately recommend

  • Markymark 25 February 2013

    Having just come back from St. Lucia, this rum was so smooth and very palatable as an after dinner drink. Great Find.

  • Pavlin, London 3 February 2013

    The best rum I have ever tasted. My wife and I fell in love with it in St. Lucia (bought a bottle from the airport on the way back without knowing anything about it apart from the fact that it was the most expensive one) and ever since, we buy this particular rum only - online.

  • CM 22 October 2012

    To me, this is exactly how I like it. Wonderfully smooth and sweet, with great integrated oak.

  • Jonathan 19 October 2012

    This has an obvious smell and taste of bourbon as it has been aged for up to 12 years in bourbon casks, but it is a really good smooth rum. A fine product!

  • Ferd - Alabama 1 July 2012

    Never tasted anything like it. Wish I had more.

  • Anonymous 16 June 2011

    We bought this rum after a visit to distillery in St Lucia, rum is gorgeous, wished we had bought more until found on Whisky Exchange, have just purchased a bottle and looking for to opening on my husband birthday (to see his face) as he kept asking why we could not buy in the UK

  • Richard, Arlingham. 21 May 2011

    Lucky enough to know the family who manufacture this rum out in St Lucia. I have always been a fan on the oh so simple Mount Gay, but I have to say, this is a different experience. Its not just about the drinking, the whole package is spot on, from opening that wonderful shaped bottle, to that re-assuring pop you get when you open the bottle. The Taste is wonderful, and certainly one to savour.

  • DJaybeetoo 24 April 2011

    Just sampled this rum, very good, i usually drink appletons VX and this tops it, smooth tasty and a rum you can drink a bottle easily in one sitting with friends.

  • Mike 6 April 2011

    I first purchased Admiral Rodney in a super market near Rodney Bay Marina on St Lucia. I was a little concerned because it was by far the most expensive on display and I did not want to be disappointed. Well I needn't have worried ... it's gorgeous and we sipped as a treat finishing it over Christmas. For several years there after I often tried an internet search to find it in the UK and was very pleased to find it at The Whisky Exchange.

  • Anonymous 16 January 2011

    Just got a bottle from my sister who came back from Christmas holidays in St.Lucia.It has a fantastic taste,not too sharp,with hints of different subtle fruity notes,leaves a lingering taste in the mouth,very pleasant sweetish smell.I'm already sorry that half of the bottle is gone and it's unlikely I will see another one very soon.Buy it if you enjoy rum on its own and as a gift.It comes in a very elegant heavy glass bottle that adds to the experience.Andrew,Edmonton,Canada,Jan 15 2011

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