Beluga Gold Line Vodka
Leather Box

70cl / 40%
Beluga Gold Line Vodka / Leather Box
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A super premium vodka from Beluga. Gold Line is an impressively crisp and pure spirit packaged in an extravagant leather box, complete with small hammer and brush to aid in the clean removal of the wax that seals the bottle.



  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Sage Sage
  • White Pepper White Pepper
  • Cream Cream

Beluga Gold Line Vodka Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Rocky

    Nose: Clean and fresh with a creamy note and hint of cinnamon.

    Palate: Incredibly pure, with a creamy texture and hints of vanilla, white pepper and sage.

    Finish: Long and crisp, with the hint of vanilla the last to disappear.

22 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    18 October 2018

    if you like vodka you will love this one , probably the best you will taste, put it in the freezer for an hour or two, then its ready to drink.

  • 5
    8 April 2018

    Wow, soo smooth tasteloke Water putit in freezer and then serve! Definitely no hangover. You will be pleased!A quality

  • 5
    5 August 2017

    Great packaging and very distinct label. Great taste - crisp and smooth - drink it straight and enjoy the taste as it's that good it doesn't need a mixer.

  • 5
    5 August 2017

    Great product very well packaged - it stands head n shoulders above normal vodka - even the label finished in metal is great. It is definitely worth the money. Not opened this yet but had the vodka before and it is very crisp, smooth and is best drunk neat at it that well made - graet taste.

  • 5
    24 March 2017

    Excellent drink.Splurged on it during my last visit to Russia.Smooth and non burning.Could not resist buying a bottle and bringing it back.

  • 5
    11 March 2016

    Beluga Gold is the best vodka although its 200 per bottle. You know if vodka is good if you can drink it room temperature...No other vodka comes close except for my affordable favorite stoli elit...

  • 5
    24 February 2016

    Was the most expensive bottle I could find when I was in Russia last time. So I had to try it!! Very glad I did, never tasted better vodka than this. Ended up filling my suitcase with 4 bottles to drink with my friends and family in the future ;)

  • 5
    13 February 2016

    best yet love it

  • 5
    5 February 2016

    This was a present from a Russian friend, two of us drank the whole bottle over dinner. Simply perfect, smooth, refined and light on the palette. Perfect.

  • 5
    9 May 2015

    Best vodka I ever tasted

  • Anonymous 25 September 2012


  • Anonymous 27 April 2012

    Great taste, thanks Mike

  • seamus 26 April 2012

    My girlfriend brought this back from work, I'm not a great vodka drinker but this stuff is great quality. A real pleasure to drink neat. A real experience with friends and worth the money.

  • Gary Oldman 14 February 2012

    personally i like this vodka because it doesnt taste like vodka. would reccomend to all people who dont like strong, course, vodka!

  • Ken W. 15 December 2011

    I enjoyed Beluga Gold Line forthe first time in Moscow in 2008 and have shared it with great friends. It is superb!

  • Jacqueline Edinburgh 9 November 2011

    Will never want to drink any other vodka again. This was simply the best.

  • bobby 17 September 2011

    never been a big vodka drinker,but as a spirit this is top class dont waste this in cocktails it can be drank neat,like liquid silk as only a russian could make.

  • Anonymous 29 August 2011

    Amazing quality - worth every penny

  • Anonymous 29 April 2011

    The Russian Word Beluga must translate into smooth. Best vodka I have ever tried.

  • Tomas 31 March 2011

    Best vodka,no doubt about it,straight,martini,rocks...I enjoy it every day!!

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