Fill your own bottle

We have a number of casks from which you can fill your own bottle of something special. The casks change frequently, and we make sure that they are full of tasty whisky from all over Scotland: smoky and peaty ones, rich sherried ones and fruity ones, too. We also occasionally have Cognac, rum and bourbon, too.

We have had elegant Rosebank, robust and complex Clynelish, full-on sherried malts and some characterful peaty whiskies from Islay distilleries. Filling a bottle from our casks is as close as you can get to drinking it straight from the cask at the distillery. Our casks are fully live with no glass or epoxy lining, so the whisky (or rum, or whiskey) will change in the barrel over time. So, if you come in today and buy a bottle, the next time you come back to refill it, the whisky will have developed and matured in the cask, making every bottle unique and the perfect gift for the whisky-lover.

As these whiskies are straight from the barrel, they have had no filtration or dilution and are therefore full cask-strength whiskies. This means you may get a little sediment in the whisky, and as there has been no chill filtration, the whisky may go slightly cloudy with the addition of water. This is nothing to worry about – in fact it is something to celebrate, as this means your whisky is its most natural state possible.

Currently we have

Covent Garden

Covent Garden Select Reserve
Blended Malt Whisky 55.8% ABV

Covent Garden Select Reserve
Blended Rum 48.9% ABV

Covent Garden Select Reserve
Early-Landed Cognac 44.3% ABV