The Whisky Exchange

The Whisky Exchange was founded in 1999 by two brothers with a passion for not only whisky and fine spirits, but also bringing them to a wider audience. More than two decades later, we're the world’s leading specialist online retailer for fine whiskies and spirits, with three London shops and a raft of award-winning events.



Based in Park Royal, London, The Whisky Exchange serves a global family of drinks lovers. We are passionate about great whiskies, spirits, wines and everything in between, and obsessive about sourcing the best of these from across the world. Our company is made up of people who can’t imagine working in any other industry, who want to bring the joy of great drinks to an ever-expanding community of enthusiasts.



Though we were founded in 1999, our journey actually began in the 1970s with a London off-licence called The Nest. Living with their parents above the shop, The Whisky Exchange founders Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh literally grew up in the trade, with The Nest not only their home, but also their playground and eventually their employer. The skills they learned, coupled with Sukhinder’s passion for whisky collecting, would lead them to take a leap into what was then the great unknown – online retail.

Our Commitment To


The Whisky Exchange believes that everyone should do their bit to support and sustain the environment and community in which they live. As well as looking to continually improve our own processes, we want to champion brands who are displaying best practice in terms of sustainability, environmental impact and nurturing the people around them.