Elmer T Lee

Elmer T Lee

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Elmer T. Lee is named in honour of Buffalo Trace's legendary Master Distiller Emeritus, the man who re-invented single barrel bourbon, reinvigorating the entire bourbon industry in the process and setting the scene for the new wave of top quality super-premium bourbons.

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Elmer T LeeAmerican Whiskey

The scene reached its apogee with the same distillery's George T. Stagg, the bourbons for many of which will have been distilled by Lee himself.

Elmer T. Lee was born in 1919, the year the Volstead Act brought Prohibition to America. He began working at what was then the George T. Stagg distillery (also known colloquially as the Ancient Age distilleryafter its most successful brand, whose logo was prominently displayedon the water tower) in 1949, rising to become distillery manager by 1968. In 1984, Lee introduced teh first single barrel bourbon to be sold in living memory, Blanton's. The success of this first super-premium bourbon led to the proliferation of single barrel and small batch bourbons, and the robust health of the bourbon industryowes a lot to Elmer's innovative approach to the spirit.

As well as Blanton's, Buffalo Traceintroduced Rock Hill Farms, Hancock's Reserve, andthe eponymousElmer T. Lee single barrel bourbons as well as the Antique Collection of small batch super-premiumwhiskeys.Although he officially retired in 1985, Elmer T. Lee could be found at the distillery approving barrels for Blantons and his signature bourbon well into his 90th year.



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