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The Old Charter distillery was established in 1867 by brothers Adam & Ben Chapeze in the evocatively-named Bullit County, with the first Old Charter brand whiskey appearing a few years later in 1874.

In 1890, the brothers sold their label and stock to the John J. Wright & Marion E. Taylor, and five years later in 1896 the Wright & Taylor Co. bought the Odl Charter brand and the distillery itself. Wright had departed the company in 1892; Taylor went on to be elected Vice President of the Wholesale Distillers Association in 1904.

During Prohibition (1923 to be precise), the distillery was sold by Wright & Taylor to James Chapeze Hagan, grandson of founder Adam Chapeze; also during this time all the remaining stock of Old Charter is bottled at the Stitzel Distillery where it had been in storage since 1917. This whiskey was all therefore labelled as 12 year old or 13 summers old.

In 1933 the Old Charter label and new stock (distilled by Stitzel-Weller) was sold to the Bernheim company, who were themselves taken over by the Schenley Distilling Co. in 1937. Schenley was acquired by United Distillers (later to become Diageo) in 1987, and the Old Charter brand was sold by Diageo to Buffalo Trace in 1999.


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