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Jim Crow was a Scottish chemist and physician who is believed to have arrived in Kentucky atround the mid 1820s. He began working for Oscar Pepper at his distillery in Versailles in 1833.

Over the next twentyyears, until his sudden death in 1856, Crow studied and developed several of the methods that led to legal definitions of ‘straight’ bourbon. Crow is credited with bringing a hitherto unheard-of scientific rigour to the distillation methods of the day, greatly increasing the understanding of the various stages involved in making whiskey, particularly the sour mash process. His Old Crow bourbon was regarded as the apex of fine bourbon in the mid-to-late 1800s, and crucially he kept a written record of his findings that greatly benefited fellow distillers and future generations.

After Oscar Pepper's death in 1865, the remaining Crow-made bourbon was sold by his son to E. H. Taylor, who was later to found the Old Crow distillery, which continued to produce the brand until the mid-1980s. In 1987 the Old Crow brand was taken over by Jim Beam, who immediately closed the distillery down and relocated production to their Clermont facility.

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