Old Grand Dad

Old Grand Dad

American Whiskey

Old Grand Dad is an old-style high-corn-recipe Kentucky straight bourbon made at Jim Beam's second distillery, the Booker Noe Plant in boston, Kentucky.

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Old Grand DadAmerican Whiskey

Introduced in 1840, Old Grand Dad is one of the oldest surviving bourbon brands.

The original Old Grand Dad whisky was made at the distillery built by Raymond B. Hayden, and the brand was named after his grandfather, Basil Hayden, himself a prominent distiller in his day. It is Basil Hayden whose image adorns the Old Grand Dad label, and he also has another Beam bourbon named after him (Basil Hayden's), giving him the possibly unique distinction of having his name on one bourbon and his picture on another.

The ownership of Old Grand Dad passed in 1899 to the Wathen family, who later formed the American Medicinal Spirits Company and were one of only a handful of producers to gain a license to legally sell bourbon during prohibition. Absorbed with the Wathens into the National Distillers Group, Old Grand Dad became part of Beam Global in 1987 when the latter acquired National Distillers' spirits business.


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