Akvinta has a light lemon citrus nose with an appealing sweetness, a luxurious round full mouth-feel and a gloriously smooth finish. It is delightfully more-ish when drunk on its own or over ice, and it’s flavour and structure adds quality to Cocktails as well as making a first class Vodka Martini.

Dalmatia, as well as being a beautiful holiday destination, rich in scenery, islands and beaches by an azure sea, is also one of the last ecologically unspoiled places in Europe. Akvinta is made in a beautiful fertile valley by Imotski in the foothills of the Dinaric Alps. The purity of the air and the water in this area combined with a technically advanced unique 5 stage filtration process through Charcoal,Marble, Silver, Gold and Platinum all contribute to making a truly outstanding, multi award-winning vodka. It is presented in an eye catching bottle made of premium quality clear glass, a hand applied seal and distinctive red closure, with a unique reflective red glaze on the base, which has also won many awards for Design and Packaging.

Akvinta’s name comes from Latin: Aqua ‘water’ the largest ingredient in any vodka, Vinum ‘wine’, which echoes the tradition and connoisseurship of Mediterranean winemaking and Quinta ‘five’ refers to Akvinta’s unique quintuple filtration process.

Character and Style of Akvinta

  • Lemon Lemon
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