While gin best typifies chic and sophistication, it was Bombay Original Dry Gin that taught all the other performers how to act. It is one of the world’s most venerable brands of London Gin, one that can be found on back bars across the globe. Now in its third century, Bombay Original is considered a “must have” in any gin enthusiast’s repertoire.

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The brand originated in 1761 and to this day is still made using the same distilling techniques and according to the same closely guarded recipe of botanicals.

The gin is produced using a series of Carter Head alembic stills, which are specifically designed for making gin. The process begins with producing pure, neutral grain spirits. It is then redistilled with eight botanicals and aromatics using a unique method called vapor infusion. The 86 proof result is a magnificently dry and flavorful spirit.

The gin has a lightweight body, satin-like texture and a compact, yet eminently pleasing herbal bouquet. It washes over the palate with hardly a trace of heat and slowly subsides into a flavour-enriched finale.

The singular character of Bombay Original is ideally enjoyed chilled, or better yet with a splash of crisp tonic water.


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