Plymouth gin (the category) is made in a sweeter style than its London equivalent, and today, there is only one brand making it, also called Plymouth, based at the Black Friars Distillery in the town itself.

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Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Sloe Gin

Apart from the sweeter Plymouth style of gin, Plymouth is also very popular for its sloe gin, which is matured for four months to develop tangy, fruity notes. An excellent sloe gin.

Plymouth Gin Factory

The Plymouth Gin distillery is located right by the sea. It has been the home of Plymouth Gin distillation since 1793 – before that, the site was a monastery. Tours of the distillery are easily available.

London Gin vs Plymouth Gin

The key difference between London Gin and Plymouth Gin is the level of sweetness. Plymouth Gin is more sweet than its London counterpart. The other key difference is provenance: Plymouth Gin must whereas London (also known as London Dry) refers to the style of gin rather than where it was made. London Dry gin cannot have any artificial flavours or colours added, can only have a tiny amount of sugar added, and juniper must be the predominant flavour.




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