Rutte & ZN was founded by Simon Rutte in Dordrecht, South Holland in 1872, with a motto of 'distilled with passion'. Owned by the Rutte family until John Rutte's death in 2003. The firm was taken over by De Kuyper, another historic family-owned company, in 2011 and continues to make a range of gin, genever, vodka and liqueurs.

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The spirits are based on the founder's original recipes:

  • Dry Gin –excellent in a classic G&T
  • Celery Gin – superb in a Red Snapper (a Bloody Mary where the vodka is replaced with gin
  • Old Simon Genever – made with the common botanicals as well as more unusual ones such as walnut, hazelnut, mace and celery
  • Vodka – a French winter wheat base is diluted with triple-filtered Dutch water

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