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Sailor Jerry rum is one of the world’s most popular spiced rums, often mixed with cola or ginger beer for a long refreshing drink.

Sailor Jerry history

Sailor Jerry rum was created in the 1990s as an extension of a brand which sold clothing bearing Norman Collins’ iconic designs. Thanks to the marketing talents of Steven Grasse, who also launched Hendrick’s Gin, the brand quickly gained a large and loyal following. Made with the produce of several Caribbean distilleries, Sailor Jerry is now the second-most-popular rum in the world.

Who was Norman Collins?

Born in 1911, Normal Collins was a man captured by wanderlust. After riding the rails for years, he eventually landed in Chicago and learned tattooing from a legendary master of the art. He then joined the Navy and discovered a lifelong passion for the ocean – he would go on to own a three-masted schooner in Hawaii, where he settled after his Navy career.

It was Hawaii where Collins built his legacy as Sailor Jerry. Setting up shop in Honolulu’s Hotel Street, he began to create unique tattoos for sailors based on a fusion of American and Japanese art. These became some of the most iconic tattoos ever created and his influential style was copied all over the world – much to Sailor Jerry’s annoyance.
Collins would spend the rest of his life in Honolulu, eventually dying of a heart attack in 1973.

Sailor Jerry Cocktails
Sailor Jerry works really well with ginger flavours: try it with Campari, ginger liqueur and sweet vermouth for a rum Negroni. Alternatively, add cream of coconut, pineapple juice and ginger syrup for a Ginger Pina Colada.

Is Sailor Jerry rum gluten free?
Sailor Jerry rum is not only gluten free but also suitable for vegans. Enjoy!


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