Trois RivièresRum

Based in Martinique, Trois Rivières are well known for their full-flavoured agricole rums.

Trois Rivieres Distillery
•120 Ha of sugarcane fields located in the sunniest part of Martinique
•Annual production of more than 2 million litres
•Trois Rivieres rums are now sold in more than thirty countries

•Trois Rivieres plantation is bordered by three rivers: Bois d'Inde, Oman and St. Pierre
•The name Trois Rivieres refers to both the distillery and the plantation
•100% of the plantation has the AOC agreement
•The harvest of the cane is from January to June
•Thirteen varieties are used to elaborate Trois Rivieres rums
•40% of the sugar cane is harvested by hand

Trois Rivieres Blanc -
A strong white column still rhum perfect for the traditional Ti’ Punch. 3 months before bottling, the rum is stored in huge wooden tuns to be rounded out. It is reduced to strength with spring water and bottled on the estate.

Trois Rivieres Dore –
A smooth, vibrant and fruity golden rhum aged for a short period in oak barrels. Deliciously more-ish.

Trois Rivieres Cuvee Du Moulin – A young blend with an impressively complex character for its age. Authentic sugarcane flavour rounded out with spicy oak.

Trois Rivieres 5yo – A full-bodied rhum, with appealing brown sugar and banana flavours and a rich, spicy finish.

Trois Rivieres 8yo – An elegant medium-weighted rhum with intricate layers of tropical fruit, ginger and ground pepper flavours.

Trois Rivieres 1997 – Aged for over six years, this is an aromatic style, with notes of tobacco and liquorice alongside the fruit and dry spices.

Trois Rivieres 1998 Single Missouri Cask – The most complex aroma and flavours in the range, this is aged for seven years and is bottled at a higher strength. Excellent flavour concentration and great balance, with a delicious white pepper finish. A connoisseur’s rhum.


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