Paul BeauCognac

The family owned wine-growing business was started at the end of the 19th century by Samuel Beau, who was the father of Paul. With a vision that still receives admiration he developed the vineyard and built the principal body of the current buildings, which have remained functional ever since.

Samuel died just before the First World War in 1914, at which point his son took over the running of the business, to ensure its continuity. Paul, with the assistance of his wife Denise, who came from an long established family of wine growers ("I am a peasant" she liked to say proudly!), enlarged the vineyard, modernised it and made new innovations, with everything done to concentrate efforts on the ageing process - since it is possible only with many years maturation to produce the very best "Grande Champagne" cognac; and still the family tradition continues.

In 1977 the company changed slightly with the creation of the Paul Beau brand name, for the direct marketing of their own cognacs. Today the vineyard, of a little more than one hundred hectares, is situated exclusively in Grande Champagne, which is the Premier Cru of the delimited cognac region. Paul Beau undertake all of the cognac making processes on their own premises; production, harvesting, distillation and ageing.

In accordance with the principles of "Etapes du cognac" (tourist routes which criss-cross the region),the house welcomes with pleasure all visitors and are always very happy to let them see the distillation plant and the casks whilst they are ageing.

During the winter period, from December to mid-February, the two alambic stills are working hard to bring a special atmosphere with its perfumes and its own little "magic".


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