Producing blended whiskies since 1801, Chivas Regal now produces well over 4 million cases per year.

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In 1801 John Forrest set up his a grocery and wine merchants in Aberdeen. Although the company offered a wide variety of produce, its primary focus was always whisky, and it was not until the early 20th century until the company as names Chivas Regal. By the 1900s Scotland's grain whisky production was booming, and Chivas by then was offering over a half a dozen different blends, including the world's first luxury blended whisky, the Chivas 25-year-old. The product quickly became a sensation among the wealthy both in Europe and overseas. In 1950 the firm bought the Milton Distillery, renaming it Strathisla, which to this day is the key component in their blend. Today, Chivas is one of the world leaders in the premium blended Scotch whisky category and especially popular on the emerging Asian markets.


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