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The Grey Goose story is only 20 years old, but in that period of time, it has transformed the world of vodka. Before Grey Goose came along, vodka was never regarded as a luxurious product, and certainly not fit to sit at the top table with whisky or Cognac. But a combination of big awards, high-profile adverts and a cool bottle design propelled it to star status, with numerous celebrities seen drinking (or endorsing) it. Less than a decade after its launch, the brand was sold to Bacardi for US$2 billion.

The Grey Goose Bottle

In the drinks world, looks count for everything, and vodka drinkers all over the world have fallen in love with Grey Goose’s cool, stylish branding. The Grey Goose bottle was designed to stand out on backbars, with its combination of frosted glass, the eponymous geese taking flight and the French tricoloreThe stylish and recognisable Grey Goose bottle The stylish and recognisable Grey Goose bottle

Made in France

Grey Goose’s other notable achievement is changing the perception of vodka across the world. In the past, vodka was dominated by brands from central and eastern Europe, from the powerhouses of Russia and Poland. But Grey Goose changed that, proudly proclaiming ‘Distilled and Bottled in France’ on every bottle, complete with an image of the French flag.The Grey Goose distillery in France

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