The Kraken is a black spiced rum with an equally dark sense of humour. Basing its brand around a fearsome mythical sea creature, it combines clever storytelling with a richly flavoured rum in eye-catching packaging.

What is the Kraken Octopus?

Chances are you’ve heard the expression ‘release the Kraken’ – but do you know where it comes from? It was first uttered by the character Poseidon in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans, and has been the stuff of a million jokes and memes ever since.

The Kraken has, in one form or another, actually been around in myth since at least the 13th century, and these days is most often depicted as a giant octopus. And we do mean giant – if it’s not at least the size of a ship, some say the size of an island, then it’s just not the Kraken. (Sorry). Some say that a Kraken-like creature actually did exist in prehistoric times, while others claim to have spotted a Kraken using Google Earth. Research it more if you dare…


How To Drink Kraken Rum

Like many dark spiced rums, Kraken can be sipped on its own or mixed into cocktails. Popular mixers include cola, ginger beer and root beer, or for something more elaborate try combining Kraken rum with slices of lime, muddled mint leaves, sugar and soda for a Black Mojito.

If you’re a fan of Irish coffee, why not try the Kraken version? Combine the rum with Irish Crème liqueur, hot coffee and whipped cream for a warming treat. 

Is the Kraken rum vegan-friendly?

Absolutely. It’s also gluten free. 


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