Glen MhorSingle Malt Scotch Whisky

In 1906 Mackinlay and Birnie turned Glen Mhor into a private company, with John(nie) Walker investing for a 40% shareholding. An event of poetic justice occurred in 1920 when Birnie and MacKinlay took over Glen Albyn from Gregory & Co, and Birnie finally got his hands on the distillery he had walked out on.

Thereafter the distilleries stayed under the same ownership until 1972 when both were sold to Distillers Company ltd (DCL, later Diageo). In 1954 Glen Mhor became the first distillery to install Saladin Box Maltings, which were used until 1980.

Ownership of Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn was transferred to Distillers Company Ltd (DCL, later Diageo)in 1972 by John Birnie's son William, but sadly the distillery was deemed to be insufficiently profitable when DCL needed to make cuts in the slump of the early 1980s, and both distilleries were closed. Glen Mhor was dismantled in 1986 and demolished in 1988. The site has now been developed into shops.

Glen Mhor's house style is described in Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion as 'Aromatic, treacly. Quite sweet. With dessert or after dinner.' Some malt was released as a distillery bottling, although most of the output went to blenders. There are still some independent bottlings available.


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