Glen SpeySingle Malt Scotch Whisky

Gilbey rebuilt Glen Spey after a fire in 1920 and shepherded the distillery through the Prohibition era and WWII, before merging with United Wine Traders to form International Distillers and Vintners (IDV), a forerunner to (and one of the key whisky-distilling elements of) what would become today's globe-straddling drinks behemoth Diageo plc.

Glen Spey had its stills doubled to four in 1970, two years before IDV was bought by Watney Mann (who were later bought by Grand Metroplitan, who merged with Guinness to form Diageo in 1997).

Almost all of Glen Spey's 1.3million litres/year output goes into the J&B blended whisky. The 12yo Flora & Fauna bottling is the only official release available, and independent bottlings are rare.


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