GlenburgieSingle Malt Scotch Whisky

The distillery was closed in 1870, but re-opened in 1878 under Charles Kay, at which time the name was changed from Kilnflat to Glenburgie-Glenlivet.

After a period of changing ownership and occasional inactivity, the distillery was acquired in the 1930s by Hiram Walker Co., who began production again. Since this time, Glenburgie has been an essential ingredient of the Ballantine's blend.

In 1958 two Lomond stills were fitted, producing a heavier, richer spirit from the same mash as the other two stills. This spirit, known as Glencraig,was designed for blending purposes and very little has ever been bottled. Glencraig was stored separately, necessitating the introduction of two spirit safes and receiving vessels. The Lomond stills were removed in 1981 and replaced with traditional pot stills.

After another total refit in 2003-4, Glenburgie was sold by owners Allied to Pernod Ricard in 2005. The new owners installed two more stills, taking the total to six and increasing capacity to over 4 million litres/year. As such, Glenburgie is one of the biggest distilleries in Pernod's Chivas Bros. group, although its profile is very low.Only a tiny handful of official bottlings have been released in the last twenty-five years, ranging from a five year-old in the 1980s to a cask-strength 15yo bottled recently for sale at the distillery. Gordon & Macphail have released several independent bottlings of both Glenburgie and Glencraig, and there have been occasional bottlings by other independent bottlers.


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