Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenugie used to be the easternmost distillery in Scotland, located near the town of Peterhead in the Eastern Highlands north of Aberdeen. The distillery was constructed by Donald, McLeod & Co in the early 1830s and originally rejoiced in the name 'Invernettie'. The first spirit ran off the stills in 1837, but the distillery struggled after that and at one point was converted to a brewery.

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GlenugieSingle Malt Scotch Whisky

Eventually it was rebuilt as Glenugie under new owners, Scottish Highland Distillers, in 1875.

Sadly SHD went out of business in 1879, following which the distillery changed hands more often than a student's lighter. It is generally agreed that the golden days for Glenugie were under Simon Forbes, who owned it between 1884 and 1915. Thereafter, it fell on hard times again andw as silent between 1925 and 1937, when it was taken over and restarted by Seager Evans & Co.

There followed another period when the distillery was frequently bought and sold. Finally, in 1958 it was taken over by Strathclyde & Long John Distilleries, which became Long John International, which was itself swallowed up by Whitbread in the mid-1970s. Unfortunately, Glenugie became yet another victim of the slump a few years later, and was closed down in 1983. The distillery was dismantled and the buildings are now the property of an oil firm.

As far as we can ascertain, Glenugie was only once officially bottled as a single malt during its lifetime, with almost the entirety of its output going into blends. Until recently only a few independent bottlings were available but owners Pernod Ricard have recently released a couple of very limited official bottles as part of their Deoch an Doras series. The house style is generally sweet, with medicinal undertones.


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