Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The oldest and long running of Inverness's distilleries, Millburn closed in 1985 having released very little whisky as single malt. A few bottlings have appeared since then, but it is still a rare dram.

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MillburnSingle Malt Scotch Whisky

The first of Inverness's three distilleries to be built (in 1807) and the last to close (in 1985), Millburn was originally known as 'Inverness'.

It received its license in 1825 but had changed hands many times before being converted into a corn mill in 1853 by a farmer called David Rose. Thereafter no whisky was made at Millburn until 1876 - 1878, when Rose's son George completed the conversion back into a distillery and rechristened it Millburn.

After a period of ownership by Haigs, the distillery was sold to Booth's gin in 1921 and promptly burned to the ground the following year. Only the stillhouse and the warehouses of maturing stock were saved. Interestingly, the Queen's Own Cameron soldiers who helped to save the distillery were led by Lieut. Col. David Price-Haig, who had just sold the distillery to Booth's.

The distillery was rebuilt and became a part of DCL in 1937. It was closed in 1985 and some of the buildings were converted into a bar and steakhouse in 1988. Little or no single malt from Millburn were released during its lifetime, but there were some interesting Rare Malt versions in the mid-1990s and several independent bottlings have been done. The house style was full and occasionally smoky.


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