MosstowieSingle Malt Whisky

Mosstowie was made in Lomond stills at Miltonduff.

Lomond stills have a rectification column instead of a lyne arm and are akin to a cross between a traditional pot still and a column still. The idea behind the Lomond stills that were introduced at Ballantine's distilleries (including Glenburgie and Scapa as well as Miltonduff) was to produce different types of whisky from the same still, including a lighter, versatile, fast-maturing whisky that would age quicker and be more attractive to the American market.

Mosstowie was used exclusively for blending. The Lomond stills at Miltonduff were installed in 1964 by owners Ballantine's / Hiram Walker and produced Mosstowie there until 1981, when they were converted back into pot stills.

Mosstowie was never released as an official bottling. However, a very small number of casks have been bottled by independent bottlers.


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