Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A mystery Islay single malt from Ian Macleod distillers.

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SmokeheadSingle Malt Scotch Whisky

Smokehead is the name of a 'mystery' single malt from Islay bottled by Ian MacLeod distillers.

The packaging and entry-level price of the malt are targeted at younger arrivals to the malt scene, with the emphasis on the malt's peaty characteristics. There has been frequent speculation as to the identity of the malt in Smokehead, with guesses ranging from the interesting (heavily-peated Bunnahabhain) to the highly unlikely (young Ardbeg or Lagavulin). In reality, very few people know the true identity of the distillery which supplies the stock for Smokehead - and those who do aren't telling.

Of course, the beauty of a brand such as Smokehead is that in theory the stock could come from a distillery for each batch. In reality, though, the most likely supplier is the most obvious and readily-available to the independent market: Caol Ila. Please note that this is not gospel, nor presented as fact, but our best guess.

Smokehead was launched in 2006 as a no-age-statement single malt, but in 2009 a new addition to the range was launched in the form of an 18 year-old expression, Smokehead 'Extra Black'.


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