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The most well-known Italian bitter, bright red and heavily flavoured with herbs. An institution in mainland Europe, it's most often served simply with soda, the classic Camparisoda, as well as being a key ingredient in cocktails such as the Negroni.

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CampariPre-mixed Cocktails and Kits

Campari Cocktails The Negroni is certainly the most famous Campari cocktail. Just mix one part red vermouth and one part Campari and garnish with orange peel. Alternatively, mix Campari with soda or tonic for a refreshing long drink when the sun is shining.

Campari Adverts

Campari will always have a place in British culture after a series of hugely popular TV adverts in the 1980s starring actress Lorraine Chase. 

Campari Calendars

Campari has embraced the worlds of high fashion and cinema with its celebrated annual calendars. It has photographed a number of Hollywood A-listers in recent years, including Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman and Eva Green.

Campari vs Aperol

Campari and Aperol – two Italian bitters that are a staple in almost every bar worldwide. Both have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, but there are notable differences between the two. The big distinction is the alcohol level – Campari weighs in at 25% ABV, but Aperol has less than half that figure, and is bottled at 11% ABV, but with a higher sugar content, making Aperol lighter and sweeter than its big brother.

Campari, which is darker and fuller-flavoured than Aperol, is made to a secret recipe, whereas Aperol discloses that it uses rhubarb, bitter and sweet oranges, gentian and cinchona among its ingredients.



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