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Powers Gold Label is one of the great Irish Whiskeys, representing the best of Irish quality, tradition and character.


The Powers Distillery was founded in 1791 by James Power, in the Johns Lane area of Dublin. Although it traded initially as James Power, it was under John Power that it became a limited company in 1809 and enjoyed its most spectacular success and development. His business acumen did not go unnoticed or unrewarded and led to a knighthood and his later appointment as High Sheriff of Dublin. He was also a respected member of the capital’s high society and counted Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator, amongst his closest friends.

Unlike many other distilleries, John Power had little confidence in selling his whiskey through bonders, as he was one of the first to appreciate the impact of the growing reputation of Powers. In order to prevent counterfeiting or mixing with inferior provincial distillate, he devised a method whereby whiskey sold through merchant bonders could only carry a special ‘John Power & Son’ white label, complete with the quality specific “Dublin Whiskey” statement on it.

In 1866, despite the expense of using glass, he began bottling Powers, with each one carrying the famous Gold Label for which it is now instantly recognisable as a much-venerated Irish Whiskey brand. Powers distillery were also the first distillers to produce miniature bottles, known as ‘Baby Powers’, an innovation and later worldwide trend that required an act of Parliament before it could be introduced.


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