Ron Abuelo

Ron Abuelo


For the production of Ron Abuelo only 100% Panamanian-grown sugarcane honey from the Hacienda San Isidro in Pesè is used. The rums, all column-distilled, are created by carefully blending two styles of rum: a light, clean rum distilled to a higher proof and an aromatic base rum with exotic flavours. This blend is then aged in oak barrels which gives the rum extra notes of vanilla and caramel.

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Abuelo means ‘Grandfather’ in Spanish, a nod to the brand’s history as Panama’s oldest rum producer. The history of Valeras Hermanos, S.A. dates back to 1908, when Jose Valera Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, established the San Isidro Sugar Mill in the town of Pesè, the first sugar mill in the recently formed republic of Panama. The Varela family distillery is now run by the third generation to grow its own sugar cane and continues to distil spirits from cane grown over nearly 3,000 acres. They control 100% of the production process, hand harvesting the cane before distilling and ageing the liquid on the estate.


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