Beer & Sake

Beer & Sake

Beer and sake are two great examples of brewed drinks. Both are made in a myriad of styles, and both pair exceptionally well with food. Here’s our selection – enjoy!

Beer & Sake Selection

We have nearly 100 different beers and sakes to choose from, so you're sure to find something special. You'll find them all here.

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No matter which style of beer you enjoy, we've got it covered, from crisp lager through to full-bodied ales and rich, dark stouts and porters. And if you're a cider drinker, we've got that, too!

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We’ve arranged our sakes by style: ginjo and daiginjo are more elegant and delicate; junmai is more robust and full-bodied; some of our sakes are flavoured with plum and yuzu for extra fruitiness.

Inspire Me

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our drinks books and beer-related gifts, including glasses, mugs and tankards.

Dawn's Picks

TWE buyer Dawn is mad about beer and sake. She’s picked her current top three, just for you.

  • Sohomare Junmai Ginjo

    'Delicate florals and fresh green banana; incredibly silky and elegant.''


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    Sohomare Junmai Ginjo
  • Redchurch Tartelette

    'Notes of sour cherry and a mouth-puckering zesty finish – a palate cleanser!''


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    Redchurch Tartelette
  • Coconut Porter / Crate Brewery

    ‘Dreaming of Caribbean beaches? Relax and sip on this porter with its toasted-coconut notes.’


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    Coconut Porter / Crate Brewery