Pechuga and Flavoured Mezcal

Pechuga and Flavoured Mezcal

These are eclectic and contrasting mezcals which have been flavoured in traditional and non-traditional ways. A good example of the former is mezcal de pechuga, producers like Del Maguey release traditional pechugas which are oily and meaty spirits, laden with flavour.

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Pechuga and Flavoured Mezcal

Historically pechuga was made in times of celebration and recipes can vary depending on the tradition of individual villages. It can be made with a wide range of botanicals and often some form of meat – chicken is the popular choice in Oaxaca, but other states and regions use venison, turkey, rabbit or even iguana.

 Del Maguey was among the first to sell these pechugas globally, but since then other producers have hit the scene with a range of meat-free pechugas loaded with spice and additional flavours. QuiQuiRiQui Pechuga Con Cacao Mezcal replaces the traditional chicken with roasted cacao beans, imparting aromas of earthy dark chocolate to the sweet and smoky agave flavour.

Some producers also make more modern styles like Ojo de Dios Hibiscus Mezcal which is a pretty, floral infusion that uses Oaxacan-grown hibiscus.


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