Accounting for more than 80% of all bottles sold, non-vintage Champagne is by far the most popular style.

In actual fact, a more accurate description would be ‘multi-vintage’, given that non-vintage blends typically comprise 60-90% from one vintage, with the remainder made up of ‘reserve’ wines from other years, to ensure that the Champagne keeps its house style intact. Non-vintage Champagnes do not have to be drunk within a year of purchase; in fact, if left to mature for up to five years or so, they will become more complex – or, if your preference is for fresher, cleaner flavours, then they can be enjoyed immediately; the choice is yours. And while the big names are deservedly celebrated, it’s worth trying a ‘grower’s’ Champagne, made by smaller producers; you may not recognise their name, but their Champagne is often top-notch.

Typical Character and Style of Non-Vintage

  • Apple Apple
  • Lemon Lemon
  • Biscuits Biscuits
  • Toast Toast
  • Non-Vintage
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