Herb Liqueurs

Many herb liqueurs contain dozens of different ingredients, the exact constitution and combination of which is invariably a jealously-guarded secret. Attempting to make generalisations about herb liqueurs could therefore be said to be a somewhat fruitless exercise.

Nonetheless, finding out exactly which herb liqueurs suit you is a fascinating and eye-opening journey. From their almost mystical beginnings as health-giving elixirs, herb-based liqueurs have undergone a fairly dramatic rollercoaster ride in the affections of the general public, being by turns feted, reviled or, most gallingly of all, simply ignored.

Enduringly popular in continental Europe, from whence the most long-lasting brands have sprung, herb liqueurs had fallen out of favour in the UK market until relatively recently. Thankfully the revival of the cocktail scene and the consequent surge in interest in drinks with both original flavours and a genuine heritage has helped pick up the fortunes of this often neglected arm of the liqueur family.

Typical Character and Style of Herb Liqueurs

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