Still Wine

Still wine is made from either just one grape variety (a single-varietal wine) or from a combination of approximately 1,000 grape varieties suitable for wine production. A versatile drink that can be consumed on its own, with food or even in cocktails.


Wine is produced from grapes belonging to the vitis vinifera family. The grapes are picked, fermented and then aged – either in stainless steel tanks or in oak casks, the latter imparting extra flavours into wine. Grapes can be grown, and wine made, almost anywhere in the world and there are many different styles, from dry red wines from France to aromatic white wines from New Zealand and sweet wines from Cyprus.


Red and rosé wines are made from red grapes, with the colour of a wine being determined by the amount of colour that is extracted from the skin when the grapes are pressed. White wines are made predominantly from white grapes. Grapes have natural sugars and whether they remain after the fermentation process will determine whether the wine is dry, sweet, or somewhere in between.


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