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Modernist rums have driven the rum revolution over the past few decades. Lighter spirits have been popular since the 1970s and the Modernist style has slotted into that niche, helping more people discover rum than any other. While Modernist distilleries can create great rums that focus on their own distillery character, there are also rum makers who look across distilleries to create new and interesting rums from a combination of their flavours.

It's these Blended Modernist Rums – made by blending spirit sourced from multiple distilleries – that are some of the best known today, building on the trading and blending traditions of the past, and adding more modern styles of rum to create a whole new category of spirits. These rums don't restrict themselves to just using Modernist spirit, adding in Traditional Pot and Column Still rums as well to create more complex blends, focused around the distinctly Modernist style of rum production.

From Pusser's and Goslings to Pyrat and OVD, some of the biggest names in rum, known for their long traditions of rum making, have embraced Blended Modernist rum and made it their own.


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